Dulux understand that zoning is key for creating dedicated spaces in the working home and now help you to create your perfect working home to master work-life balance.

The boundary between work life and personal life is shifting, so we seek a more balanced way of living and working. The home has become an office, and offices are becoming more like homes as we are living 24/7 lives. We need beautiful places to work at home, and new inspiration for how to do this. Dulux has developed the beautiful color palette below to help you create different zones in the home.

Easy tips for a better home workspace

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The team from our Global Asthetic Center has curated this contrasting colour collection: THE WORKING HOME, to create different comfortable, relaxed and focused zones in the home, and a fluid environment that fits both work and personal life.

How to make small workspaces with smart zoning

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“Zoning is key for creating dedicated spaces in the working home. Here a block of ochre creates focus and stimulation for a desk area, and creates a stylish backdrop for a busy desk. Ideal for small spaces. Contrasting colors are your best tools in creating the right home space that inspires work and play. In a world of smartphones and tablets, this need for a flexible working space – in cities or country retreats – is ever relevant.”

Design work zones in your home

CF17 the working home 2

“Create ¬uid spaces that take you from laptopsopen to lights o . Or dedicate speci c areas with shapes or blocks of color to designate a work area. I’ve used a strong ochre square to zone a desk area within this room, without turning it into a full-time study. To visualize the colors on your wall you can use our Visualizer’’. Try now on iOS | Try now on Android

Marieke Wielinga

Senior Color Designer – Global Aesthetic Center

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