Easy tips for a better home workspace

Energise your home workspace through the power of colour.

The twentieth century was defined by the commute: suits and ties, tailbacks and the rigid nine to five. So many social barriers were brought down, yet the divide between home and work remained absolute. Well, there’s a twenty-first century revolution going on…

Rethink your work-life balance

Modern technology has made home working – and bringing work home from the office – a practical reality. Just think for a second what that means: you become your own boss in a small but important way. When you work from home, you choose the environment you work in. That’s pretty exciting. Call it the democratisation of the office.

You’re in charge, how do you want it to feel?

In the past, home offices were too often the sad room of the home. Neglected spaces where people occasionally went to send an email. Now, the home workspace needs to inspire the best in you, allowing you to get the most out of your working day. To do that, it needs to be true to you and – like all the best work environments – it should feel straightforward and authentic.

Set the tone for success

Set the tone for a home office with the right colour combination.
The home office

Denim Drift, the Colour of the Year 2017, is at the heart of this new sense of owning our workspaces – its earthy, grey blue tone offers a cool, composed foundation for focus and concentration. “Try using ochre or burnt orange as accent colours,” says Marieke Wielinga, Global Colour Designer at AkzoNobel. “These shades are reminiscent of the 1950s style of La Corbusier, giving your workspace that sophisticated Mad Men look.”

Which paints? Denim Drift, Golden Garland, Southern Tip

Keep your home workspace playful

Dynamic wall designs can bring a sense of creativity to your home office.
The calendar wall

We create our best work when we are stimulated to think differently. Look for ways in which you can make your workspace feel fresh. “Painting a large two-tone graphic calendar on your wall combines practicality with striking aesthetics. Dress your shelves and desk space with items that inspire you – books, ceramics, works of art – and you could even highlight alcoves or window frames with rich, inspiring accent colours like a deep russet red.”

Which paints? Downing Street, Cameo Stone, Southern Tip

Lift your senses with colour

Produce work in your living space by setting the right tone.
Two tone living space

“Adding a two-tone wall with a slightly lighter shade nearer the light source can really lift the atmosphere and free the mind. Consider using an earthy grey with clay-like beige,” suggests Marieke. Whatever you choose, remember the power of colour to affect mood and focus on cool, contemplative shades that encourage productive home working.

Which paints? Burmese Beige, Grey Mountain

Find your focus

Not sure which colours in the palette are right for you? Download the Dulux Visualizer app to get an instant impression of how your space could look once it’s finished. Try now on iOS | Try now on Android

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