Dulux Promise, Details make the Difference

Details may not be seen or smelled, but we know that the invisible quality of paint requires visible assurance. Five critical details that Dulux cares for you!


Dulux Color of the Year 2022 – Bright Skies™ (14BB 55/113)

Every year, Dulux color experts translate global design trends into the new Color of the Year. The shade for 2022 is Bright Skies™. It's an airy and fresh tone that opens up and breathes new life into any space. Discover how you can use this transformative shade, plus its four complementary color palettes, to reinvent your home.

Dulux Asthma & Allergy Friendly Eco-sense Kids' Space

New! Dulux Asthma & Allergy Friendly Eco-sense Kids' Space

A high-tech and super premium eco-paint specially designed for children with asthma and allergy, certified to have reduced levels of allergens and irritants. With the new Silver Ion Technology, it comes with an added benefit of anti-viral property that helps to effectively work against certain virus.


Dulux BioCare Series

A series of high-tech eco-friendly topcoat and primer sourced from natural corn and cassava. NEW! Dulux Platinum BioCare Emulsion Paint, upgrade formula with duo anti-formaldehyde natural ingredients and 99.99% antibacterial efficacy, safeguard a sustainable green living space for you and your family!


Dulux Ambiance Special Effects Range

Decorating your home is always exciting, and Dulux Ambiance Special Effects Collections make it easier for you to create a personalized space that truly inspiring.


Dulux Home-Refresh Painting Service

Hassle-free Home Renewal, from concept to completion! Give us a call at 2823 1618 to learn more.


Dulux Kids’ Space

Create a green and comfortable living space for your kids! International Certifications provide Quality Assurance!


Dulux Waterproof Roof

Fixing your seeping roof as well as reducing heat absorption!


Adding Colour To People’s Lives

We believe that paint has the power to transform lives by uplifting communities, changing behaviour and making living spaces.