Dulux Waterproof Roof

Fixing your seeping roof as well as reducing heat absorption!

Global warming has brought about increasingly extreme weather, including sudden heavy rain and sweltering heatwaves. To conveniently waterproof your roof and reduce heat absorption at one go, you will need Dulux Waterproof Roof. While regular waterproof paints will harden and become brittle after sun exposure, Dulux Waterproof Roof contains FIBRADO waterproof fibres, and boasts 500% elongation. The long-lasting weather resistance mica in the formula will withstand acid rain and extended sun exposure! Dulux Waterproof Roof is also formulated with the Sunreflect technology, which reflects as much as 85% of sunlight and is capable of greatly reducing the indoor temperature by 5 degrees*. To obtain simultaneous waterproof and heat-reducing capabilities, you need Dulux Waterproof Roof!

*Passed the saving building materials experiment done by Taiwan National Cheng Kung University, that the indoor temperature can be reduced by 5.5 degrees Celsius after using Dulux Waterproof Roof.

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