Design work zones in your home

Discover trend tips for creating work zones in your home.

How often do you hear this: ‘yes, I’ve got a home office, but I prefer to work on my laptop at the kitchen table?’ Why is that? It’s because modern life is about light, open, energising, multi-purpose spaces, not small, dusty office rooms tucked away at the back of the house.

Easy colour transformations

Define your workspace through using colour in dynamic designs.
Oval workspace

The trouble is, sitting down to focus on work in the same room as life’s other distractions can be hard. The secret is to use the power of colour to define your space, as Marieke Wielinga, Senior Color Designer at AkzoNobel, explains: “Colour is a great emotional tool, so use it! By using block colours against a neutral backdrop, you can zone your space.”

Attention! Busy minds ahead

Zone your workspace with a block of colour.
Workspace with block colour

Denim Drift, the Colour of the Year 2017, is a great base for building an interior space with clearly zoned areas of activity. Its grey blue coolness can be offset with strong tones and shapes. “How you paint your walls is a strong, simple way of differentiating play areas from workspace.”

Which paints? Denim Drift

Simple ways to switch your mindset

Areas for relaxing, dining and play are generally larger and need a broader colour scheme, while workspace within the room should have a focused accent colour that encourages you to zone in on your work. “Areas of play can include big statements, like my feature wall in rich russet red,” says Marieke. “Workspace should be more contained and colour can help you do this.”

Which paints? Downing Street

Shape up your work zones your way

Geometric shape on the wall of a home desk area.
Home desk still life

“Just because you have a flat wall doesn’t mean it has to feel like a flat space,” says Marieke. “Try painting a striking shape to zone your work desk, such as an oval in a tone that complements the main colour scheme. Try a composed cream against our grey-blue Colour of the Year 2017.”

Which paints? Cameo Stone, Denim Drift

Bring out the details

Strong accent colours help define an alcove area.
Alcove accent colours

If your room has little corners, nooks or crannies, rather than trying to gloss over an awkward space, make a feature of it, as Marieke explains: “A recess in a cool palette of greys is the perfect place to add a vibrant flash of colour. Try a hot red or metallic aquamarine. It will frame and enhance whatever you keep there, making a feature of the simplest objects.”

Which paints? Burmese Beige, Cameo Stone, Downing Street and Denim Drift

Watch the video and find the right colour

Create your own colour pallet now at the 'The Working Home' colour collection page.

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