Introducing the Colour of the Year 2017

The must-have colour for 2017, Denim Drift, is perfect for every home.

In arriving at the Colour of the Year, we’ve put together a palette that uses a spectrum of blues, meaning that you can find a shade that’s right for you and your lifestyle.

Denim Drift itself sits perfectly within this palette. Whilst naturally calming, it also has different characteristics depending on the colour it’s paired with, so you can use it to create different environments in your home.

A global get-together

CF17 colour trend research 3

Each year our Global Aesthetic Center team gathers together design experts from around the world. Over several days, they discuss real-life developments and colour choices happening in interior design, architecture and fashion – as well as wider social trends.

Through this unique mix of perspectives, they uncover a theme that captures the mood of the moment, and the colour trends that reflect it. │Learn more on our Colour Trend Research

New perspectives


The overarching theme for 2017, Life in a New Light, is all about how, around the world, we’re re-evaluating and appreciating the everyday, yet essential, elements of life.

Increasingly, importance is being placed on finding balance: be that between work and home, nature and the manmade, or our private and shared lives.

For that reason, blue was a natural choice for the team. It’s the colour of our everyday lives, from the clear blue sky to the clothes in our wardrobe.

A blue for everyone

Blue is the colour of everyday and gives a restful, natural feeling to a bedroom.
Blue bedroom

“I love how this theme celebrates the everyday,” says Heleen van Gent, Creative Director of the Global Aesthetic Center. “It’s very inclusive.”

“It’s the colour of denim jeans as well as of royal velvet. It’s also a beautiful fresh colour in nature. It’s a colour that everyone is happy and comfortable with – and that’s why we decided on this blue when looking at our overarching theme for 2017.”

A versatile colour blue

The Colour of the Year, Denim Drift, is versatile enough to work in any setting.
Blue wall designs

All of this translates back into the way we decorate our home – the environment that is most personal to us and that we control. And what is so great about Denim Drift, is how it can look completely different depending how and where you use it.

The team identified four further themes and complementary palettes that highlight this versatility.

Which paints? Denim Drift

Watch the video and learn more

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