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Statutory Disclosure

There are three legal entities within the AkzoNobel Group of companies which have over 250 UK employees (as defined in the legislation). These entities are Imperial Chemical Industries Limited (trading as ICI Paints AkzoNobel) (ICI), International Paints Limited (IPL) and J.P. McDougall & Co. Limited (JPM), and the figures for their respective statutory reporting requirements are as follows:

Mean Gender Pay Gap

ICI                    12.18%

IPL 18.55% JPM 2.18%

Median Gender Pay Gap

ICI                    10.53%

IPL                   17.72%

JPM                 10.47%

Mean Gender Bonus Pay Gap

ICI                   26.85%

IPL                   38.58%

JPM                 13.71%

Median Gender Bonus Pay Gap

ICI                    15.88%

IPL                   63.95%

JPM                 7.98%

Proportion of employees receivinq a bonus payment













Proportion of employees within each pay quartile













































Mean Gender Pay Gap Hourly Rate and Bonus

Having carefully analysed these figures, we believe that the key drivers for the differentials are as follows:

We currently have a much higher proportion of males across both executive  and management positions, as outlined in the table below:

As employees move into more senior positions, maximum bonus opportunity also increases, meaning that the bonus gender pay gap is driven by the current gender imbalance at both management and executive levels.

AkzoNobel is absolutely certain that both our recruitment and development processes are entirely gender-neutral, and that we offer equal opportunities to employees of both genders.

However, we do acknowledge that we have a responsibility to address the current gender pay gap, and the company has introduced a number of initiatives to try to address the underlying drivers which have created this imbalance. Examples of such initiative are as follows:

The Network

The Network is an informal group which provides a support network and guidance for female employees to assist with networking and attracting, retaining and developing women within AN. The aim of the program is to provide a forum in which individuals can share experiences with other colleagues and assist one another with guidance on how best to develop their career. A key point to note is that although the meetings are primarily attended by females, in line with our core principles of gender diversity the Network is also open to mate members.

Understandinq the needs to women returninq to work after maternity

A project is underway to engage with women who have returned from maternity leave in the last few years with the aim of understanding the support they received from the company and, more importantly, what more the company could have done to ease the transition back into work. The project is also trying to understand in greater detail what support is required to enable women to balance childcare requirements whilst developing their careers.

Diversity and Inclusion at the corporate level

The AkzoNobel Annual Report now includes a dedicated section devoted to 'Diversity and Inclusion' , and the senior leadership team has made a firm commitment to increasing our gender diversity ambition — which is a clear indication of the company's commitment to gender equality.

We confirm that the information and data reported is accurate and set out in accordance with the Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017.

For and on behalf of Imperial Chemical Industries Limited


Matt Pullen     Wendy Macdonald

Director           Director


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