How to choose a painter

Hiring a painter or decorator? Here’s how to find someone you can trust.

  1. Before you look online for local listings or ask a friend for a recommendation, it’s important to assess the job. Make a list of what needs to be painted and where, and include any preparation that will be needed. This will help the painter estimate an accurate quote.

  2. Collect quotes from at least three different painters and, if possible, have them visit your home to view the job in person. It’s important that they quote for all aspects, including any prep.

  3. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Who will be responsible for moving furniture, covering it up, and cleaning up afterward? Is their work guaranteed? Is the painter insured? Can they provide references for previous jobs? What is their proposed schedule?

  4. Check to see who’s providing the paint. If they are, ask them if they are using Dulux paint.

  5. Finally, trust your instincts. A good professional painter should be neat, on time, business-like and courteous, and prepared to answer questions and offer suggestions. They should be as passionate about your decoration project as you are.
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