6 reasons to choose water-based paints

We share the practical and environmental benefits of using water-based paints that go beyond creating bright and beautiful walls.

We’re committed to providing paints that are better for you and the planet. A key part of that commitment is developing environmentally-friendly, water-based paints, which offer a range of benefits for you and your home.


Water-based paints have less odour once applied to surfaces and they don’t react with pollutants in the atmosphere to contribute to climate change. The result is fresh, breathable air for us all, without compromising on easy application and brilliant, long-lasting finishes. What’s not to love?

Easy to apply

Water-based paints are easy to apply. Use synthetic bristled brushes or rollers for the best result.
Easy to apply

Applying water-based paints couldn’t be easier. For best results, use a dampened synthetic brush on a smooth and clean surface. Traditional bristle brushes can leave brushmarks and encourage the paint to dry too quickly, while a synthetic brush ensures that the moisture in the paint is absorbed by the surface of the wall.

The dampening of a brush or roller first ensures that the paint is released more easily and flows better. A slightly moist surface will also facilitate flow, so long as you avoid getting it completely wet.

When it comes to application, give the tin a good stir first before pouring the paint into a tray. Use your brush for edges and a roller for larger areas – preferably while the paint around those edges is still wet. Finally, avoid overspreading and over-brushing to keep your handiwork looking professional.

It is common practice with solvent-base paints to add white spirit to thin the paint for better flow and smoother strokes. With water-based paints, this is not necessary. This means there’s one less item to buy and application is quicker, easier and less messy.

Quicker to dry

No more two-day paint jobs. Water-based paints dry more quickly than their solvent-based counterparts. Drying time is usually between 4 to 6 hours, meaning you can apply a second coat and go from drab to fab the very same day.

Multiple finishes

Water-based paints come in a variety of finishes, just like their oil counterparts. These finishes are more durable, meaning a great look for longer.
Flawless finishes

Just like oil-based paints, water-based ones come in multiple finishes. From satinwood and gloss, the options are endless when it comes to achieving the effect you want. And whatever you choose, you can be reassured that the coatings will be tougher than standard silk emulsions, offering long-lasting protection day after day.

Enduring elegance

Water-based paints dry faster and are more durable.

Our water-based paints dry beautifully and stand the test of time. The elastic, flexible finish is resistant to peeling and keeps its colour. No yellowing for whites and vibrancy maintained for bold colours, just the way you imagined.

Easier to clean

After the decorating is done, water-based paints are so much easier to clean from the brush. Simply run under water. No white spirit necessary. And you can clean paint from skin in just the same way, with perhaps a little help from your favourite hand wash.

Once you’ve chosen the right colour for your room, follow our step-by-step guide: Calculation the perfect amount of paint for your walls.

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