5 ways we’re working to create the world’s most sustainable paint

We’re committed to creating a sustainable future and are investing in making better paints for you and the planet.

Here we share some of our achievements, and the goals we’re working towards through our initiative.

1. Short-term goals for long-term sustainability

By 2020, we’re aiming for a fifth of our revenue to come from more sustainable products.
Sustainable products

We’re so committed to sustainability that our short-term goal is to earn 20% of our revenue from products that are more sustainable for our customers by 2020. We’ve done this by designing higher-quality paint that goes noticeably further and comes in recyclable cans that live on, long after you’ve closed the lid on your last job.

2. Paints that are better for the environment and for you

With faster drying time, our water-based paints are a practical replacement for solvent-based paints.
Make way for water-based paints

We’ve been working hard to replace solvent-based paints with water-based ones. They dry faster, are easier to wash and are odour-free, helping your air smell fresher and improving air quality for us all. And you’ve noticed the difference, as sales of our eco-friendly products are on the rise. Find out more about the benefits of our water-based paints.

3. Donating paint for a brighter future

Through our initiative Let’s Colour, we’ve donated over 750,000 litres of paint to disadvantaged communities worldwide since 2000.
Brightening communities across the world

Since 2000, we’ve donated over 750,000 litres of paint to Let’s Colour, our series of projects that help some of the world’s most disadvantaged communities by renewing spaces. We’re committed to bringing people together and making positive transformations through colour.

4. The ultimate environmental award

We’ve received the Carbon Trust Triple Standard award, the highest category from the world’s leading independent organisation which measures impact on the environment. This makes us one of the first companies to be recognised for all three Carbon Trust Standards for significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, waste and water usage. Proof that we’re getting cleaner and greener, year on year.

5. Top of the class

We’ve been included in the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index (launched in 1999 as the first official global sustainability benchmark) for the past 12 years. The organisation tracks the stock performance of the world’s leading companies in terms of economic, environmental and social criteria, ranking us within the top three for over a decade.

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