Steps we’re taking to create a more sustainable future

We lift the lid on Sustainability, our ongoing commitment to creating products for you that will help make the world a better and brighter place.

Doing more with less

Who doesn’t like the idea of doing more decorating with less paint? That’s the beating heart of Sustainability and something we’re working towards every day.

We’re designing higher-quality paint that goes noticeably further and lasts longer too. Use our guide on how to calculate the right amount of paint to see just how little you need for that flawless, washable finish. For you, that means spending less money – both at the time and over time. For the planet, that means significantly fewer resources consumed. A positive impact that we’re proud to stand behind.

But our mission to minimise waste doesn’t stop there. We’re also changing the packaging of our products, using less material than ever before to create our cans. We’re working towards making our cans from 100% recycled materials – from the label through to the tin itself. We’re also creating our cans so that they can be recycled again after they’ve been emptied, ensuring their life cycle continues long after you’ve given new life to your home.

Better paint and fresher air

Our water-based paints are odour-free, letting you breathe fresher air.
Use water-based paints for fresher air

Every day we’re finding new ways to innovate. By replacing traditional solvents with water, we’ve developed carefully-crafted paints that are better for you and the environment. Not only are our water-based paints odour-free, they also don’t react with pollutants in the atmosphere, meaning improved air quality for us all.

Better still, because the solvents in these paints are waterborne, you can wash your brushes in the sink with water and then dry with a cloth; no white spirit required. Simplicity and sustainability: a winning formula in anyone’s books. Have a read about the benefits of water-based paints.

Helping communities across the globe

Our Let’s Colour projects are dedicated to transforming and renewing spaces across the world.
Creating a brighter future with colour

As a global brand, we’re using our reach to help disadvantaged communities around the world. Proving that the power of our paint extends way beyond the colours in your home, our Let’s Colour projects are dedicated to transforming and renewing spaces where it’s needed most, from Asia and Africa to Europe and South America.

Working with enthusiastic volunteers, renowned artists and prolific ambassadors, we’ve donated thousands of litres of paint to these projects, bringing people together and brightening lives. Take a look at how we’re positively changing people’s lives with colour.

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