Creating Classrooms in Nepal

We helped to re-build a school in Nepal damaged by the earthquake


A team of 15 staff from across Dulux in the UK and Ireland travelled to the Devghat area of Nepal to help re-build a school damaged by the earthquake.


How we helped


They went for 3 weeks to support the local community and to re-build six of the classrooms. All stayed in the community, in the homes of the staff, pupils and families connected with the school and in their time there they laid the floors, plastered the walls and ceiling and, of course, did lots of painting.

The Seeta Ram Sanskrit Secondary School is one of the oldest and most reputed schools in Devghat area. This school teaches students from different ethnic groups and economic backgrounds. Students from hilly areas around Devghat travel long distances to the school to be educated.


The school


The school was first established in 1978, when the classes were held in the temple due to the lack of a proper school building. Five years later the local people built a small school which comprised of a few tin roofed buildings as well as a hostel. Unfortunately this was severely damaged in the earthquake.

The new building will make a massive difference to the education these children will receive.

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