Living room with soft pink walls and double stripe

Bring the richness of nature into your home with warm, natural colors

Our Raw palette takes inspiration from the richness of nature’s designs and raw materials. Straw, wheat, woody brown – these are colors that can give your home an instant flavor of the wild.

Raw colors reflect the richness and creative potential of the natural resources and designs we see all around us. Inspired by the warm tones of dried grasses and harvested crops, these are shades that can bring rich natural colour into your home but that won’t overpower a decorative scheme. 

In the world of floristry, dried flowers are known as ‘everlastings’ and these tones, too, have a timeless feel. Perfect for bringing warmth and depth to a space, they look good on their own or used in combination with each other or with Dulux Colour of the Year, Wild WonderTM.

Try these four decorating ideas to bring the Raw palette to life…. 

Go for kitchen sink drama


Tones of deep cinnamon and nutmeg create a dramatic statement in this kitchen space – an effect that’s heightened by graphic painted checks using Wild WonderTM. The result is a million miles away from the usual white utility kitchen, with the warm tones and natural wood units creating a space that feels rich and inviting. 


Which colors?
30YR 16/162
80YR 19/177 
50YY 49/191 Wild WonderTM

 Kitchen with deep brown walls and a checkerboard pattern.

Paint yourself a sunset in the bedroom


Raw colors are the perfect toning shades for creating a split or striped wall. Here, a soft orange and subtle pink have been topped with Colour of the Year 2023, Wild WonderTM to create a sunset effect. Alongside raw wooden paneling and accessories in natural materials, they give the bedroom a rich, warm feel. 


Which colors?
50YY 49/191 Wild WonderTM
50YR 47/057
90YR 36/203

Split wall in a bedroom, combining a rusty orange, pink and straw yellow

Color for cosiness in the living room


The warmer shades in our Raw palette are perfect for making a space feel cosy. Painted in two tones of brown with a stripe of Dulux Colour of the Year, Wild WonderTM, this wall creates a rich backdrop. A wooden side wall, alongside a cork side table and furnishings in rattan and clay, add to the natural energy of the space.


Which colors?
80YR 19/177
10YY 30/106
50YY 49/191 Wild WonderTM

A vertical split wall in a living room wall combining different shades of brown, with a cream sofa.

Choose two-tone for an elegant dining area


Combining Dulux Colour of the Year, Wild WonderTM, with lighter tones makes for an elegant and harmonious split wall effect. This high horizon line also draws the eye upwards, highlighting the loftiness of the space, while adding an air of intimacy to the eating area.  


Which colors?
50YY 49/191 Wild WonderTM
47YY 62/14
81YY 81/016 

A two tone wall with a round table and white lampshade.
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