Dulux Ambiance Marble

The Marble finishing gives your walls a flair of luscious patterns.

Touch of Glamour

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Dulux Ambiance Marble Special Effects Paint is inspired by the beauty of stone, create the luxurious touch of marble finish on your walls. Compose your own symphony of breathtaking marble colours and special effects to personalize your interior walls. Now it’s easier to create a home that’s truly unique to you.

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  • Luxurious touch of marble finish
  • Ready to use, low VOC and no added heavy metal
  • Water resistance & Mould resistance
  • Stylish colours, available in 92 shades
  • Optimized rheology and open time for better application

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Complete Paint System

Dulux Eco-sense All-in-1 Primer (1 coat)

Dulux Ambiance Marble (3 coats)

Tools:trowel, paint brush/roller, emery sandpaper

  • First, one coat of Dulux Eco-sense All-in-1 Primer is applied
  • Next a trowel is used to apply 3 coats of Dulux Ambiance Marble Paint in required colour.
  • For the first coat, ensure uniform deposition completely hiding the surface. After the paint is dried, the surface is sanded with Emery Sandpaper 180 and then wiped clean
  • For the 2nd coat, a thin layer of the product is applied in a random manner, so as to render the surface even and matt.The surface is then gently sanded with Emery Sandpaper 320-400 and then wiped clean
  • For the last coat, apply a very thin layer of the product smoothening it at the same time onto the surface with the blade of the trowel. Buff to attain satin or gloss finish, extended buffing results in a higher sheen.

Tips: Avoid over sanding to retain natural marble texture. Apply the 2nd and 3rd coat in random arches across the wall to archive the marble finish.

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