4 ways to use geometric shapes in your child’s bedroom

Create a striking bedroom for your child with stylish geometric shapes.

Achieving sharp lines and striking motifs on walls doesn’t require a maths degree. Quite the opposite in fact, so grab your self some masking tape and get creative. Be inspired by our gorgeous geometric looks, and see how easily you can do it with our how-to video. It’s the perfect way to give your child’s bedrooms some character.

Mirrored motifs

You can still be subtle with big, bright shapes. Focusing on a single corner of a bedroom, mirror the motifs and hues you find in the furnishings for a look that’s complementary. Soft, subdued walls work best for this and allow your creations to really sing.

Which paints?
Try Royal Wedding and Newport

See how easy it is to create geometric shapes with our quick how-to video.

Kids will be kids and sometimes your walls need a little bit of extra protection. So why not try our washable and tough Kids' Space Emulsion Paint? It is a hi-tech, air-purifying paint specially designed for household with children. It creates a hard, smooth burnish surface that allows most common marks and stains to be easily wiped away. Highly resistant to stains left by children without degrading the finish.

Bold and bright

Paint your child’s walls with colourful geometric shapes.
Colourful geometric shapes on walls

Use this trick to make a special feature wall in your child’s room that opens up the space between the bed and ceiling. No matter what colours you paint the sections, the angles will give the illusion of space. It’s not science but it is clever!

Which paints?
Try Sparkler, Casino Gold, Touch of Nectar and Golden Crown

Want to try another shape? See our ideas on how to use circles in your child’s bedroom.

Playful patterns

Liven up shelves and accessories in your child’s bedroom with playful geometric shapes
Geometric shapes using tape

Use masking tape to create a fun and bright feature wall in your child’s bedroom, a perfect way to liven up shelving and accessories. Simply mark your desired shapes on the wall with your tape, add a few coats of colour to each and peel to reveal your masterpiece.

Which paints?
Try Old Flame and Sapphire Glow

Looking for more tips on decorating with lines? Get inspired with our ideas on how to use stripes in your child’s bedroom.

Sail away

Create a sea-themed bedroom for your kid using geometric shapes
Sea-themed bedroom with geometric shapes

Set sail on the Seven Seas by recreating the flow of the ocean. Zig-zag your way across the middle of a wall with tape then paint the top half sky blue and the bottom half dark blue. Complete with authentic seaside style, from model yachts to pretty shells. Ahoy, sailor!

Which paints?
Try Mendelssohn Concerto and Signature Blue

If you’re feeling bold and want to create an adventure room for your child’s room using graphic shapes, see 6 Ways to Decorate Your Kid's Bedroom.

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