Let's Colour

We believe that paint has the power to transform lives by uplifting communities, changing behaviour and making living spaces.

The story of Let's Colour


Paint has more power than we think. Everything we do demonstrates that paint is more than a simple material on your wall. Colours can transform entire communities and influence how we experience the world around us.

With more than 2,000 projects, 46,000 people trained & 11,000 volunteers, so far more than 68 million people from all over the globe have benefited from Let’s Colour. And we’re just warming up!

Transforming Communities


Through our Let’s Colour community programs we are developing and supporting projects which add colour to people’s lives and transform communities – all across the world.

Explore how we are helping children, families and communities in need, by supporting them to create a happy place where they can flourish.

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Surprising Paint Stories

We are passionate about finding surprising and entertaining ways to demonstrate the power that paint can have, to make our everyday lives (a little bit) better.

Discover these unexpected stories which demonstrate the impact that paint and colour can have on both our perception and behaviour.

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Let’s Colour around the world

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