Make a statement with sleek stripes

Make a sophisticated statement with sleek stripes of colour.

The stripe trend that’s taking the design world by storm is not based on bold colour or accent walls. Rather, it’s about using harmonising shades to create a soft, gradual build-up of colour that will help make any space feel instantly brighter and larger. The key is to choose colours that sit directly next to each other on the colour wheel, like blush orange and juicy berry tones, or dusty pink, eggshell and warm latte.

For a soft, delicate look, apply the colour in identically sized stripes. If you want to make more of a statement, try painting stripes in different widths or layer small stripes of colour on top of larger stripes. You can even use stripes to trick the eye - vertical stripes will make your ceiling appear higher while horizontal stripes will make a room look wider. Just remember to leave plenty of drying time between each stripe of colour so you end up with nice crisp edges.

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