Embrace lace for an elegant feel

Add delicate detail to your walls with lace stencils.

Lace stencils are perfect for subtly softening white walls or adding a dramatic focal point to large spaces. The intricate patterns found in vintage lace can easily be applied to your walls with the help of lace stencils.

For an elegant, ethereal effect, choose small lace patterns. Want to make a serious style statement? Oversized stencils will allow you to create a more modern look.

Add a lace effect to the borders of your room or up the style ante with a singular, striking design in the centre of your alcove. If you love the idea of instant artwork, stencil a panel behind a bed headboard or sofa to create an impressive focal point. For bold impact, stencil using pale paint on a dark wall or vice versa. Or if you prefer a more subtle effect, stencil using a paint one shade lighter than the colour of your walls.

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