Decorate a bedroom designed for two

Pair neutral colours with pops of colours for a couple-friendly space.

If differing colour views are stopping your bedroom from becoming a place of peace and serenity, it’s time to get back to basics. A neutral colour scheme is a wonderful starting point for any bedroom, especially one that needs to cater to both feminine and masculine styles. Choose cool neutrals like dove grey, taupe and pewter for a crisp, fresh feel or warm neutrals like chocolate, sand, beige and tan for a cosy atmosphere. Paint all the trim white to create a crisp, grounding foundation.

Once you’ve created a gender-neutral base, choose a couple of accent colours in complimentary hues that you both love. You might choose lemon yellow bed linen to match your crisp grey walls or pair your cream interior with a pale sky blue feature wall. It’s best to limit the number of accent colours to two or three so the room doesn’t feel too visually cluttered.

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