Tiny bathroom? Bring it to life with colour

Transform your bathroom from small to spacious with neutral colours and blues.

Increase the feeling of space in your modern bathroom with pale neutral shades, such as a feathery white or a warm dove grey. Muted shades of aqua and sea green also work wonderfully in small rooms ¬– they trick the eye into thinking the walls are further apart than they actually are. Low ceiling? Choose a colour two shades lighter than your walls to create an elongated look.

Small spaces also love bright colours – the key is to add them in small doses. Bathroom shelves or cabinets painted lively shades will draw the eye away from cramped areas and create focal points. Choose fresh, crisp tones that work well with white, such as mango or lemon. Bright yellows will also instantly lift the spirits and help to create a restful haven where you can revitalise your body and mind.

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