Purple, the secret to serenity

Searching for a sacred space in which to unwind? Try a purple room.

Purple is renowned for being a spiritually rich colour that symbolises intuition, awareness and enlightenment. In Indian culture, the chakra (energy centre) that relates to pure consciousness is represented by violet, and it’s believed that when your chakra is open, you are unprejudiced and aware of the world around you.

If you’d like to stimulate your senses and get more energy flowing, perhaps you could try incorporating purple into elements of your everyday life? Purple conveys a wonderful sense of depth, making it the perfect hue for feature walls and design features, like chimney breasts and alcoves. If bold walls aren’t your thing, use pale shades of lavender and lilac for a restful retreat or add interest to a neutral space with violet accessories, like a statement rug or artwork.

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