Go back to the future with timeless gold

Add glamour to your home with accents of cutting-edge gold.

Whether gold makes you think of opulent, old-world palaces or modern Hollywood glamour, there’s no doubt about it: 21st century design is experiencing a serious gold rush.

When used in the home, gold adds sophistication and a sense of prestige, while the muted yellow undertones evoke an uplifting, cosy feel. Gold naturally enhances and illuminates other tones around it, making it easy to work into existing colour schemes. Layer matted tones of copper and white-gold to add richness and depth to a large room or take inspiration from today’s architects by incorporating vibrant metallic statements into neutral spaces to create a sleek, contemporary look. For a modern feel, combine rich panels of yellowy gold with crisp white and soft lime or mix ruby and deep violet with bleached-out golds for an unexpected twist on a conventional colour scheme.

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