Do you dare to go for gold?

Create the ultimate Midas touch in your home with classic gold.

Using gold in your home is the ultimate Midas touch. Rich, warm and timeless, it’s the perfect colour to add to a living or dining room to create a sophisticated feel, or use it as an accent shade to evoke opulent glamour in your bedroom and bathroom. Gold adds instant uplift to neutral schemes, especially natural timber. It also looks wonderful with grey (both pale and dark), silvery-blue, dusty pink and lilac or, for a more daring look, try pairing it with bolder colours such as chocolate or deep purple.

If you’re using gold in a small space or in a room with little natural light, use sparingly, as too much of this shimmering hue can quickly become overpowering. The key is to keep it simple and subtle and, in terms of texture, think gentle sheen rather than brilliant shine.

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