Waterborne Enamel

Low odour waterborne formulation with all round protection

Dulux Waterborne Enamel (Gloss / Eggshell)

New - Woods
New - Woods

Wood and metal are indeed among the home furnishing materials that we most commonly use. In line with customers’ increasing concern for environmental protection, Dulux has specially launched its brand-new Dulux Waterborne Enamel (Gloss / Eggshell) which can offer all-round protection to your wood and metal surfaces both indoors and outdoors.

Enamel paint used to be mostly solvent-borne and required dilution with a thinner, which would cause unpleasant smells during and after application. In contrast, Dulux’s waterborne enamel now adopts a waterborne formulation, eliminating any repulsive smells during use or after the surface is completely dried.

Apart from this olfactory experience, the enamel has the function of excellent fungus & bacteria resistance, highly washable and quick drying; all these features will definitely allow you to enjoy a premium, carefree home life.

This paint is not only intended for home settings, but can also be applied to wood or metal surfaces out in the open. With over 2,000 hues for your selection, its unique formulation ensures a UV-proof colour effect which has been duly proved by a 1,000-hour QUV weathering test. The paint can also withstand extended periods of exposure to sunlight and rain, which would be unable to distort its bright, durable colours even in the slightest degree. Its anti-rust components and its ability to cover up the underlying colour are just further reasons why your materials will display a vivid tinge of good saturation.

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