Find your colour combination with the power of paint

Find the right colour combination for your home.

Everyone has that ‘Ah! Where did all this stuff come from?’ moment once in a while. Things are bought, often separately and at different times, resulting in a home that doesn’t quite look like you originally planned it. Finding the thread of your design aesthetic means reconnecting with what works for you.

Find your family of things

Just like colours, different furnishings for a home naturally fall into certain groupings – items that just go together. Think of it as the family of things. Finding your style means focusing in on design that appeal to your senses. That’s easy enough with tables, chairs, cupboards and rugs, but people can sometimes forget their walls.

Tie the room together with paint

“A really simple but exciting way to maximise the effect of your room style is to make the most of your walls,” says Marieke van der Bruggen, Senior Color Designer at AkzoNobel. “After all, walls are a big part of any room. Just painting them white can be a missed opportunity.”

Make your walls part of the conversation

An accent colour can tie together your walls and furnishings.
Bright yellow accents

“The most immediate and striking way to incorporate walls into your overall room design is to use the power of colour,” explains Marieke. “I chose to use a bright sunshine yellow as my accent colour in my room furnishings, using it in a rug or a lampshade or a cushion. Apply the same logic to your walls.”

Which paints? Jamaican Smile, Honeysweet, Desert Dawn

Unleash your palette

Combinations of accent colours can deliver striking results.
Accent colours

While a feature wall is the most obvious accent device, you could also try a striped effect featuring your accent colour, or even a frame for a window or a small circle or block of colour to define a space. You can create totally contrasting atmospheres depending on the palette of colours you choose.

Which paints? Apple Valley, Desert Dawn

Paint isn’t just about colour

Paint can create geometric effects in a room design.
Two tone wall

“It is often assumed that paint is only about colour, but it has other qualities,” says Marieke. “Paint can also accentuate the geometry of your room design. I had a series of low, linear wooden stools and by adding a subtle two-tone wall of cream and soft lilac, divided horizontally, I transformed what would be a very simple space into somewhere with a feeling of connection.”

Which paints? Executive, Floral Twist

Find your colour combination

Time to connect with the right colours for your room design? Download the Dulux Visualizer app and use the colour picker to make your walls part of the conversation.

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