Get the new romantic house look

Give your home a new romantic look with natural paint colours and statement furnishings.

Choosing the right colour scheme not only allows you to create spaces that feel personal, it’s also an opportunity to shed new light on favourite pieces of furniture and possessions, to complete the picture.

Set the scene for romance

Natural woods stand out beautifully when paired with a palette of earthy greens.
Green seat

“The new romanticism theme is all about looking at things anew and reviving them using your imagination,” says Louise Tod, Senior Color Designer at the Global Aesthetic Center. “And the right backdrop of colour can really bring vintage pieces to life.”

So, whether you have a well-loved antique dresser or a unique secondhand chair, think about how your walls can work to highlight them. “Natural woods stand out beautifully when paired with a palette of earthy greens,” says Louise.

Which paints? Zodiac Night

Tell a story

Rich colours combine with statement furniture to create a room that tells a story.
Earthy greens

A ‘statement’ piece of furniture can make a deeper, richer statement if you use it to hold an eclectic mixture of accessories. Plants, candles, pictures and personal treasures will all add to the story you paint in each room. Each individual item should in itself start a conversation, adding an extra layer to the final space.

A little eclecticism goes a long way

Find the right mix of colours to add romantic intrigue without being overpowering.
Natural green living room

Unusual and unique items in a room add a sense of romantic intrigue – but be careful to keep the balance right. “There needs to be just enough of a boho element, without it becoming too overwhelming,” explains Louise.

Eclectic can easily bleed into eccentric, so think in terms of the whole picture, with clever use of accessories and larger furniture pieces that add interest, without being overpowering.

Which paints? Cosmic Crescent

Find your balance

Use simple, hand-painted motifs to pick out individual colours in your room layout.
Natural bedroom

The use of antique or well-loved furniture adds a sense of grounding to a space. This leaves room for a few hints of bright colour to invigorate your walls and balance the mood. Explore the use of simple, hand-painted motifs that can pick out individual colours of items in the room. Considered positioning of plants can also help to blend eclectic elements together – think of them as another accessory to complete your look.

Which paints? Apple Grove, Zodiac Night, Plantation Green, Denim Drift, Black Magic

Find your romantic spirit

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