Make space for mindful living

Create mindful living space with natural colours and organic shapes.

Increasingly, we’re thinking far more deeply about how we’re connected to the world around us. It’s no longer simply about bringing elements of nature into our homes, but about a wider awareness. Both in terms of sustainability and how we create a space that promotes inner wellbeing.

The 2017 palette leans heavily on the colours of nature – which can be augmented with organic shapes and elements to produce a calming, restful and balanced atmosphere.

New romantics

Botanical motifs, natural textiles and organic materials soften interior spaces.
Light room with plants

“We’re seeing a re-emergence of romanticism across fashion and design,” says Senior Color Designer Louise Tod. “People are increasingly passionate about their impact on the environment.” This is being mirrored in interior design with the use of botanical motifs, natural textiles and organic materials to produce a softening of boundaries.

Mindfulness matters

Use simple, hand-painted motifs to pick out individual colours in your room layout.
Natural bedroom

While this trend is very much influenced by nature, taking care of and reconnecting with the planet, in a practical sense it’s about how we convey the values that matter to us in our own homes. By combining blue and green palettes with vintage, salvaged and up-cycled furniture and objects, we present a new kind of eclecticism inspired by nature.

Hand-painted elements and organic motifs add to this sophisticated bohemian look. “The wonderful thing about this trend is, although it’s come from a place that is passionate and deeply considered, the overall look created is laid back,” says Louise.

Which paints? Cosmic Crescent, Apple Grove

Blurred lines

Take a relaxed attitude to paint avoiding hard lines for a more organic look.
Green room with staircase

Reject hard, straight, man-made lines in favour of an ‘undone’, relaxed attitude to paint, materials and furnishings. Try mixing light and dark tones from the palette on the same wall, leaving bold brushstrokes to blend between the two, while organic objects, soft coverings and the use of plants can break up the grid further.

Which paints? Black Swan, Gentle Tide

Keep it fresh and modern

Clever paint techniques can help you to ‘upcycle’ old furniture to fit with your lifestyle.
Lilac room with green chairs

“It’s still a modern look,” Louise points out. “So I wouldn’t go all in with lots of crochet or tie-dye fabrics”. Instead, let the palette convey a sense of balance on its own terms. “The combination of greens and lilacs is very good at creating a calming atmosphere,” she adds. Be careful not to over-clutter – instead allow enough order to seep through between the natural elements.

Which paints? Plantation Green, Impressionist Taupe

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