Dulux help you to experiencing another considered luxury in a new way and the trend of turning away from the material to focus more on sensory experiences is rising than ever.

In a world where we have everything we could wish for, memories are far more important than belongings. Considered Luxury captures a new way of living; a new consumerism in which value is placed on experience rather than possessions. Creating memories that are priceless is our priority as we look at the world with fresh eyes, not adding clutter but experiences instead. And translated this trend to the beautiful palette below.

Find a neutral base to enhance your furnishings

CF17 considered luxury 3

The team from our Global Aesthetic Center has curated this neutral palette colour collection: CONSIDERED LUXURY, to create a subtle and modest luxury to focus more in your memories and experiences by soft textiles and tactile walls.

Create an elegant home using soft colours

CF17 considered luxury 4

“Broad horizontal wall stripes make a room feel more spacious. When painting stripes, always use the lighter color as the base and allow to dry. Then measure and tape the walls before painting the darker color. The trend of turning away from the material to focus more on sensory experiences is gathering momentum. This pared-back palette truly reflects this new focus.”

Stimulate your senses with colours, shapes & textures

CF17 considered luxury 2

“The color combination here captures the best of the soft neutrals and really makes Denim Drift stand out. To complete the look, I recommend a few wellchosen, gorgeous-to-touch extras: like a cashmere throw or a wellloved, solid wood table. I’m all about celebrating what really matters, and celebrating it well ”

Willeke Jongejan

Senior Color Designer – Global Aesthetic Center

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