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Create a green and comfortable living space for your kids! International Certifications provide Quality Assurance!

Protect Your Family's Health with Innovative ECO Technologies

Kids Space Family
Kids Space Family

Dulux Kids' Space Emulsion Paint is a hi-tech, air-purifying surface paint specially designed for use in environments with children, it puts an end to various common issues found on wall surfaces. Its anti-formaldehyde and anti-methylbenzene formula* constantly purifies the air, while the silver ion purification technology effectively removes 99.99%** of germs and bacteria. The innovative “Additive-free Formula”^ provides enhanced protection for your children to ensure their healthy development.

International certifications ─ "GREENGUARD Gold Certification" and "French VOC Emission Class A+ Label", ensure product is suitable for families with babies, children, elderly and pets.

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Excellent Functionality Ensures All-Round Wall Protection

Formulated with advanced stain resistant technology, it creates a hard, smooth burnish surface that allows most common marks and stains to be easily wiped away ***. Highly resistant to stains left by children and pets, including fruit juice, tea stains, pencil marks and water-based ink, without degrading the finish.

Other all-round functionalities include: ability to covering up hairline cracks, super washability, mould resistant, strong coats and high covering power. You can now enjoy a comfortable and beautiful home without worries.

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International Certifications provide Quality Assurance

Greenguard & French A+ Certificate
Greenguard & French A+ Certificate

Product has passed the most stringent tests for Indoor Air Quality in the industry, including "GREENGUARD Gold Certification" and "French VOC Emission Class A+ Label". It is tested and verified to meet the most rigorous standards for chemical emissions and VOCs such as formaldehyde and benzene. Certified product is considered additionally safe for sensitive individuals (such as children and the elderly). Highly recommended for the interiors of childcare, kindergarten, clinics, hospitals and other medical facilities.

Let’s Colour! Bring colour to your kids’ lives!

Kids room 3

A specialised colour system is available for Dulux Kids’ Space Emulsion Paint, allowing children to tap their colourful creativity to the fullest with a fine selection of over 1,000 tones.

Kid's Room Idea

See the latest trends, view stunning room inspirations and more.

*Passed JC/T1074-2008 test for 'indoor air purification coating material purification performance'
**Reference National Standard GB/T 21866-2008 and HG/T3950-2007
^Reference National Standard GB 18582-2008 'Indoor decorating and refurbishing materials - Limit of harmful substance of interior architectural coating', which showed formaldehyde, benzene and other VOCs were 'not detected' in tests. Also compliant with HJ 2537-2014, 'Technical requirements for environmental labeling of water-based coating products'. Obtained CCEL II China environmental-friendly signature (Type II) products certification
*** Passed the T31/01002-C001-2014 ‘Indoor decorating and refurbishing materials for kids’ dirt-resistance test
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