Natural textures to reconnect you with the outdoors

Tips and tricks on using nature-inspired textures to create a healthy living space that’s good for you and for the planet.

Clever use of colour can help you capture the spirit of nature, reflecting the tranquillity of spring, the mystery of the woodlands or even the vitality of the sea. And, by using odour-free, water-based paints to create these natural looks, you’re being kinder to the planet that inspires you.

Rustic living

The wood-graining rocker can be used to capture wood textures with any combination of natural colours.
Creating a wood grain effect

Use a graining rocker to create wood effect textures on your walls in any colour of your choice. A sage green with a rich plum wood grain gives a unique contrast of natural tones.

Recreating the organic irregularities found in nature sets the perfect scene for fun, nature-inspired accessories that will lift the mood in any room.

Which paints?
Try Grey Amethyst

Dreaming of the seaside

Pairing natural textures with off-white tones will add depth to your room.
A natural and neutral living space

Textures can add depth to a room by giving context to your chosen colours. Gentle whites, muted blues and pale greys echo the seaside when complemented with wicker furniture, woven fabrics and rugs made from natural materials.

Wooden fixtures and treasured seaside finds further enhance this theme. With plenty of opportunity to add your own personal touch, this rustic yet simple look will remind you of relaxing days by the sea.

Top tip: Furnishings made from organic materials can be more durable and have a timeless quality. Saving you money in the long-term and giving the planet a helping hand.

Which paints?
Try Scroll Beige and Minimalist White

Magically marble

Our marble effect paint is a sustainable way to bring in luxury.
Marble effect

To add a hint of luxury to your home, our water-based, low-carbon marble effect paint is the perfect solution. You can enjoy all the aesthetic benefits of marble at a fraction of the price. By choosing this paint instead of the material, you’re also reducing our impact on the planet.

Which paints?
Try Lake Crest and Spa Weekend

Tuscan escape

Adding sand to paint is an easy and affordable way to give your walls a nature-inspired rough feel.
Sand-kissed walls

Adding sand to paint is an easy and affordable way to give your walls a nature- inspired rough feel. Add silica sand gradually to your paint, stirring regularly and testing the mixture on a sheet of paper as you go, until you get the right texture. Paint it straight onto your walls, let it dry and repeat twice to ensure an even coverage of paint and sand. Warm, earthy hues such as brown, terracotta and mustard work well with this technique and create a rustic yet cosy atmosphere.

Top tip: Calculating the right amount of paint for your project will not only save you money, it could also reduce waste. Have a look at our step-by-step guide.

Which paints?
Try Deacon's Bench and Southern Tip

Unravelling layers

Promote mindfulness with a natural, organic home style.
Natural green living room

Using the unusual combination of moss green, stone grey and serene lavender as a backdrop in the room, creates the perfect retreat. Soft furnishings with varying textures, tones, colours and sizes add depth to the space, providing plenty of room to curl up and relax. Plants and greenery will not only add a touch of vitality to the room but will also improve the air quality.

Which paints?
Which paints?
Try Westmount, Aged Stucco and Plantation Green

Counter the cool

Bring in warmth to loft apartments and industrial architecture with a combination of soft natural textures and colours.
Painted brickwork

Loft apartments and industrial-inspired architecture often need softening up with paint, furnishings and accessories to make the space feel like home. Using a deep bluey-grey with wooden furniture, faux fur blankets and plants adds a touch of warmth and homeliness.

The painted brickwork divides the space and gently leads the eye through the room, with the nature-inspired wall art softening the lines of the room. Additional colours add inspiring detail and depth.

Top tip: To help make your paint go further it’s important to have the right kit for your paint project, so have a read of our guide to the ultimate decorating kit.

Which paints?
Try Black Sable

If you’ve got some leftover paint after you’ve finished your paint project, get creative and add even more personality to your home.

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