From reviving old furniture to painting patterns on your walls, there are lots of ways paint can help in expressing your creativity and giving old or unloved objects a new lease of life. By using up your leftover paint and prolonging the life of objects around your home, you’re also giving the environment a helping hand.

Zone your workspace with a block of colour.

1. Create clever zones

Add extra depth to a room by using leftover paints to create an allocated area. Using contrasting colours will highlight spaces in a room for a particular activity like reading, studying or relaxing. A great solution for compact living.

Take ordinary plant pots and vases and give them a lick of paint to make them stand out.

2. Personalise your accessories

Take ordinary plant pots and vases and give them a lick of paint to make them stand out and wow visitors. You can try painting them from head to toe to complement your newly-painted room or even add patterns and stripes for a more contemporary feel.

Give new life to your photo frames by decorating them with leftover paint.

3. Wonderful wall hangings

Add distinction to a room by creating your very own masterpiece. Painting frames and hanging decorations will add a variety of tones and textures to your wall. Not only will you be using up leftover paint, you’ll also be giving some old frames a fresh look.

The liberating use of freehand painted shapes can give a dynamic creativity to your home.

4. Paint on patterns

Whether you choose to use stencils or go freehand, let your imagination take over and revive a forgotten wall. From intricate patterns to bold bouncing bubbles, this is a great way to add a bit of personality.

Leftover paint can be used to customise your furniture.

5. Refresh old furniture

Furniture can be transformed from drab to fab with a careful helping of paint. Your very own customised furniture will be unique and can be made to match perfectly with your home. Try painting the fronts of drawers in different colours to create a chic look or the legs of chairs in one colour to inject a bit of fun to your room.

By painting the inside of cupboards or drawers, you give them an exciting new look

6. Highlight inner surfaces

Why not add a splash of colour to the inside of cupboards and drawers? The unexpected attention to detail is sure to brighten up your kitchen and will definitely bring a smile to your face when you’re reaching for something! A dash of colour also makes the perfect backdrop for highlighting vases and ornaments in a display cabinet.

Donate your leftover paint to help brighten local communities.

7. Support your community

Donating your paint is a great way to make a difference. From schools to local libraries, your extra paint can make a positive impact on communities and people’s lives.

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