Research by Dulux showed a desire to hold onto individuality, while being part of something bigger: sharing, collaborating, caring and helping. The palette below has a fresh, playful mood which is ideal for reflecting this, it’s perfect for creating a shared space to enjoy together. Cities are growing, demographics and social settings are changing, and so the importance of having a sense of belonging and being part of a group is increasingly relevant.

Simple tips for sharing space as a family

The team from our Global Aesthetic Center has curated this warm and welcoming colour collection: SHARED INDIVIDUALISM, to create a shared space with a fresh and playful mood to share ideas and dreams, and enjoy the sense of belonging.

Clever use of colours to create harmony at home

“Using a shared palette allows you to create pockets of individuality that work together to create decor cohesion. How do you make the walls of a shared home reflect the individual personalities within? It’s all about warm, welcoming colors working together. This palette has a bright neon, a soft pink and a lively cerise, but put it alongside the calming influence of Denim Drift and you capture all the character, without compromising your overall decor look.”

Ideas for your own breakout space

“ This palette is not just for families – anyone who shares their space will understand the value of creating inviting communal areas. To visualize the colors on your wall you can use our Visualizer.” Try now on iOS | Try now on Android

Marieke van der Bruggen

Senior Color Designer – Global Aesthetic Center

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Dulux teaches you how to make the walls of a shared home reflect your individual personalities within.


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